Our guarantees

Our guarantees

Privacy policy

At OriginalNursingPapers.com, we are committed to abiding by our promises to our customers and protecting their privacy and their confidentiality at all costs. When placing an order, you will fill in your contact information, which is solely used to contact you concerning the order. The information is never sold or shared with third parties, including the writers. We use all possible measures to avoid disclosure or unauthorized access to the data. As a result, the information is safe and secure with us.Our guarantees

Nevertheless, we advise the students to be meticulous when sharing their personal information on insecure social outlets, email, and other online communication systems. The company reserves the right to revise or alter the policies in place at its discretion. For further clarification, contact us or keep reading the policies frequently to remain updated on any changes. Using our services or sharing any information on our website at any level is an indication that you have automatically accepted the privacy policy as well as the stipulated terms and conditions.

Refund policy

Our clients qualify for a 100% refund in various circumstances. Where there was a payment error caused by double payment or identical orders or when we cannot handle the assignment, you are guaranteed a total refund. Another instance is when a client cancels their order before it has been assigned to any writer.

Where, the order has already been allocated to a writer, and they completed less than half of the assignment, you are entitled to a 70% refund to compensate the writer for their time and effort. A 50% refund is available when the writer has already been allocated the order and has completed the order more than halfway. You are also eligible for a 50% refund if we are not able to provide you with a writer to handle your revision.

These are the only circumstances in which we offer a refund to prevent the abuse of the refund policy. For further information concerning our refund policy, see the money-back guarantee outlined in the Terms and Conditions section.

 Revision policy

We have a strict work ethics policy where we strive to deliver diligent and quality work when we work on an order for the first time. In case you are not content with the work produced, you can request a revision. We believe our clients are our priority, and therefore, we provide unlimited revisions for them.

A revision takes about 12 hours as per the regular revision policy, but if it is minor, we revise the work immediately and submit it back to the client. To minimize the chances of a revision, please provide adequate information on the order with the critical details outlined when placing the order. Note that changing the instructions that were given initially will result in additional payment. Therefore, ensure that you have given the proper guidelines in the first instance.

Delivery time

We take the deadlines that you have set very seriously since we understand the value of abiding by the specified time frames. We complete 99% of our orders way before the deadline that the clients have given us. However, some unforeseen situations may extend the duration of completing the order a bit past the deadline. In such a scenario, we inform you in advance and take as little time as possible to complete the work after the deadline.

In addition, clients may miss the notifications upon delivery of the completed work. As a result, we encourage you to check the spam box if the message has been sent there automatically. The final document is available on our website. You need to log in to the site using the details given upon placing the order. After logging in, you can then download the final file. In case you are unable to download the final document, we can forward it to the email provided.

 Safety of your credit card information

We have mechanisms in place to guarantee the security and safety of your credit card information. First, we do not store, auction, exchange, or share your credit card information since we regard your privacy highly. We use the PayPal system to facilitate payments. It is a reliable and secure site where you share your email address. Another essential feature is the encryption of our site, making it more reliable and safer.

Links disclaimer

In some situations, we give other websites URL links with information that may be essential to you. We absolve ourselves of any responsibility when a person decides based on the links. OnlineNursingPapers.com has no affiliation with such links and will not be held liable for any arising

100% plagiarism-free

A plagiarized paper would pose severe risks to your education and eventually to your career. Being aware of this, we take plagiarism quite seriously. We make sure that all the nursing papers are prepared from scratch, customized to your individual needs following the instructions, as well as being free from plagiarism. Our papers pass through Turnitin and Copyscape and other plagiarism-checking software to ensure they pass the plagiarism test. The papers are original and authentic. We do not sell the papers or share them with anyone else. After a paper has been completed by a writer and successfully submitted after that, it becomes the client’s property. Where different clients ask for a similar type of paper with the same instructions, and all the different papers are done by different nursing writers.


We guarantee absolutely authentic and original nursing papers by not reusing papers that were previously completed. Our writers develop the papers from scratch diligently to give you your own customized work. We assure you that we will not reproduce or sell you a former customer’s nursing dissertation, nursing thesis, essay, or nursing term paper when you place an order with us. Ownership of the paper is transferred to the client, which means that selling the work or replicating it is a breach of our code of conduct. Also, we will not resell your paper to any other client. Once you place an order with us, you can be assured that we will conform to the specific instructions you give us, meeting the grading rubric, the institution’s course outline, and other requirements to give you a top grade due to the paper’s high quality.


We respect our clients and greatly value their privacy. Therefore, we treat clients with dignity by guaranteeing their confidentiality and not disclosing their private details. All the personal information you share with us on our website will not be disclosed or shared with other third parties. The credentials outlined are only used to contact you concerning the orders that you place with us. Your parents, schools, colleagues, and friends cannot obtain the details from our website unless you share the information with them.

Our website is encrypted to prevent unauthorized access to the information of our clients or disclosure of the information. Your payment details are also safe and secure since we use PayPal, which is a secure online payment platform. All these measures are in place to guarantee the safety, security, and privacy of your personal information keeping it confidential.


We have continually offered quality nursing and medical writing services to thousands of clients across the world. All our writers are professionals with strong pharmacy, nursing, and medical background. They have a wealth of experience teaching and training in various medical and nursing institutions such as universities and colleges.

Our nursing papers are top-notch, meeting the highest standards, such as proper referencing in various formats such as Harvard, Oxford, Chicago, Vancouver, MLA, ASA, APA, OSCOLA, MHRA, and CBE, among others. Also, since the nursing paper writers are professionals, our papers meet the expected structure and have the required content. Professionalism is a crucial aspect that we adhere to in our company to ensure that we deliver high-quality nursing papers.

Using our writing services, you get an original essay and receive a free plagiarism report

If you require affordable and quality papers, then look no further. Avoid wasting your time and money on low-quality and overdue deadlines. Our writing services are customized to meet your needs and be legit. Allow our proficient, qualified, and exceptional writers to develop your papers.

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We provide our clients with top-notch papers free from plagiarism. Our writers are specialists with a wealth of experience in academic writing, guaranteeing you high-quality essays as well as other writing services.


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