How write an essay on the Domains and Competencies of Advanced Nursing Practice (Solved)

How write an essay on the Domains and Competencies of Advanced Nursing Practice (Solved)

The nurse practitioner (NP) core competencies describe the knowledge, skills, and abilities acquired through experience to enable autonomuous clinical practice (Schlunegger et al., 2021). The National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties (NONPF) outlines 9 competencies that can be used to guide the preparation of NP programs. The first domain talks about scientific foundation which deas with analysis and the use of data to improve healthcare delivery (NONPF, 2017). Upon completion of the NP program, the individual is expected to analyze data evidence, integrate knowledge from humanities, and translate research findings to improve practice processes.

The second domain deals with nursing leadership whereby the NP ought to focus on professional accountability, scholarship, and advocacy. This competency covers the aspects of culturaly sensitive patient care and engagement in professional organizations. Overall, the NP is required to assume advanced leadership roles, use critical thinking to make decisions, and advocate for improved healthcare systems (Chan et al., 2020). The quality competence deals with the utilization of research to improve healthcare outcomes. Important interventions to demonstrate quality include using evidence-based practces, evaluating healthcare practices, and applying skills to promote a culture of excellence (NONPF, 2017). The practice inquiry competence deals with applying current research to improve patient outcomes. The NP practitioner meets this competence by providing leadership in the translation of research, generating knowledge from experience and practice, and investigating healthcare problems.

The fifth competence deals with technology and information literacy. The NP must be able to use new technologies to access, manage, and evaluate healthcare outcomes. During practice, the NP selects appropriate technologies to manage patients and coaches the patient for positive behavioral change (Pulcini et al., 2019). Additionally, the NP contributes to the design of clinical information systems and uses technologies to capture important data. The other competence deals with matters of policy which entails governance and funding. The NP must have knowledge of various policies and how they contribute to healthcare delivery (NONPF, 2017). To achieve this competence, the NP must advocate for policy change and analyze the implications of other policies to patient care.

The health delivery system competencies deal with how nurses plan, develop, and implement programs in hospitals and communities. It descibes aspects like effective communication and interprofessional collaboration that are key to improving healthcare service delivery (Schlunegger et al., 2021). The ethics domain provides NP with an opportunity to understand the code of ethics. The NP must integrate ethical principles in decision-making and evaluate consequences of decisions made on patient outcomes (Schlunegger et al., 2021). The last NP core competency deals with independent practice. This domain deals with the possession of essential knowledge and professional training to deliver services to patients and communities. To attain mastery of this competence, the NP must demonstrate high level of accountability, practice within their scope, and work to establish relationships with patients.

The three competencies I would like to discuss include leadership, quality, and independent practice. I intend to demonstrate leadership by assuming leadership roles and working with others to improve care delivery. I will participate in professional organizations and take extra courses to ensure I am equipped with knowledge and skill to change nursing leadership. Regarding the quality competency, I intend to evaluate healthcare practices and research evidence-based interventions to improve faulty practices. I will recommend changes to the organization and participate in the implementation of interventions to ensure quality. For the independent practice competency, I will review the state policies on full, reduced, and restricted practice to ensure the provision os services permitted by the law.


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