How to write an essay on ethical Considerations in Health Care (Solved)

How to write an essay on ethical Considerations in Health Care (Solved)

To practice competently, todays nurses must adhere to several key elements like code of ethics that guide the profession. Ethical awareness is an improtant aspect that ensures nurses can identify and recognize ethical implications of their actions during care delivery (Miliken, 2018). While working to promote the health of patients, nurses are guided by the four key ethical principles that include autonomy, beneficence, non-maleficence, and justice (Stievano & Tschudin, 2019). Apart from adhering these principles, the code of ethics for nursing practice highlights key features of nursing care delivery like compassion, advocacy, and scholarly works to improve the care given to patients.

Given the complexity of helathcare delivery today, nurses encounter clinical considerations that require careful considerations. One of the strengths I have in the area of ethical nursing practice is the ability to recognize tricky situations that require careful consideration. Recognizing ethical dilemmas starts with an instinct and an awareness that certain actions may have potential consequences (Sari et al., 2018). Ethical awareness helps the nurse to recognize the range of potential implications of one’s decisions and guides one in making timely adjustments (Lee et al., 2020). Secondly, the ability to collaborate with other healthcare professionals opens channels for best practiuce possibilities. Through collaboration, nurses are able to minimize the risk harming patients and take appropriate measures to address ethical dilemas.

An area of weakness that I need to address is dealing with ethical dilemas where choices need to be made immediately. Making quick decsions, especially those that involve life and death may be difficult for inexpereinced nurses (Miliken, 2018). To address this challenge, there should be more education and training regarding ethical decsion making in nursing. For students, education and training is required to gain practical skills to maneuver the complex healthcare system today (Namadi et al., 2019). Additionally, role modeling is required to achieve the required standards in ethical decision making.


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