How to write a nursing essay on Healthcare Delivery and Clinical Systems (Solved)

How to write a nursing essay on Healthcare Delivery and Clinical Systems (Solved)

Digital technology has become an important part of the healthcare system and is thought to revolutionalize the practice of medicine today (Krick et al., 2019). Health information technology (HIT) represents the use of computer software and hardware to gather, store, and retrieve information (Zadvinskis et al., 2018). Healthcare delivery and clinical systems use has helped providers to improve quality and patient safety. Clinical systems like clinical decision support (CDS) have helped to improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients making their use crucial in healthcare organizations.

Nurses are the largest group of healthcare providers who utilize healthcare delivery and clinical systems to improve patient care (De Leeuw et al., 2020). In my practice, the utilization of information technologies like electronic health records (EHRs) has greatly improved how I care for my patients. One of the strengths observed in clinical systems utilization is the ability to understand how different healthcare situations can be solved using clinical systems. For example, I have a vast knowledge of the use of EHRs and other clinical systems including how they benefit patients. Secondly, I can quickly adapt to emerging technologies and innovations. These qualities ensure the delivery of evidence-based care and the implementation of practices that utilize current technologies.

Health information systems are crucial to delivering patient-centered care and improving efficiency in healthcare organizations (Moore et al., 2020). To achieve these outcomes, nurses must be good at managing data and leading projects that involve technology use (Islam et al., 2018). This is one area that I need to work on to ensure that I can lead projects involving clinical systems implementation. To improve in this area of weakness, a key resource could be training to acquire essential skills that can be used to guide the implementation of technology in healthcare.


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