How to write a NSG5000 – Discussion Reflection Response – Ethical Dilemma (Solved)

How to write a NSG5000 – Discussion Reflection Response – Ethical Dilemma (Solved)

The NP in the documentary is a Disruptive Innovator because she has decided to provide healthcare to people not covered by insurance. She is challenging the current healthcare system by providing care to people that would otherwise not receive it.

One of my personal beliefs and values is that healthcare should be accessible and affordable for everyone. The ethical dilemma in the documentary was that many people need access to healthcare due to financial or insurance constraints. This is an issue I’m afraid I have to disagree with as I believe that everyone should have access to healthcare regardless of their financial situation.

One mechanism to overcome this barrier is to provide more access to healthcare through public health clinics. These clinics could provide basic healthcare services to those who do not have access to insurance or who cannot afford private healthcare. Additionally, providing more funding to community health centers could help bridge the gap between those with insurance and those without insurance.

The potential cost of this barrier is that those unable to access healthcare may suffer from chronic illnesses or diseases that could have been prevented or treated if they had access to healthcare. The benefits of overcoming this barrier are that people will be able to receive the care they need to stay healthy and reduce the burden on the healthcare system. Furthermore, it could reduce healthcare costs by preventing illnesses before they become too serious.

The Invisible Child video presents a stark example of the realities faced by the poorest of the world’s population. The video delves into the life of a young girl in the Kibera slum of Nairobi, Kenya, who is forced to work long hours to provide for her family. It shows how this child, and many others like her, are not seen or counted by the government and are thus invisible to authorities and the public. The video highlights these children’s immense struggles and the need for additional support, resources, and education to improve the lives of the invisible children. It is a powerful reminder of the need to remain aware of the harsh realities faced by those in need and to take action to ensure that all children can reach their potential.


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