How to write a healthcare Policy and Analysis essay (Solved)

How to write a healthcare Policy and Analysis essay (Solved)

Workers in hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities face different challenges with workplace violence. Working with people who have a history of violence or those under the influence of drugs increases the risk of violence during care delivery (Brous, 2018). Addressing this problem requires institutions to learn about its prevalence, associated costs, and impact on the quality of services offered to patients. There is a need for standard preventive strategies and legislation that define the repercussions of workplace violence on healthcare. As I move forward with the agenda of preventing workplace violence, there are a few questions that should be clarified.

The first question to my colleagues is about the proposed strategies to address workplace violence issues. What are the key strategies that should be implemented to address workplace violence in healthcare? This question is based on the fact that there are no standard-specific measures to address workplace violence. For example, the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) only outlines the guidelines for an effective workplace violence prevention program (Bernandes et al., 2021). The program should have detailed commitment of the management and employee participation, provide worksite analysis, involve hazard prevention, and ensure effective record keeping. These components do not identify specific measures that must be implemented to minimize workplace violence.

There is a need for a strong agenda to address the effectiveness of violence prevention programs in healthcare. Workplace assault is an example of an area that needs clarification and detailed study. Are there any legal procedures on how to handle employees whose behavior escalates from a dispute to a physical altercation? I would like to know your thoughts about how the law can be tailored to target such instances of violence in healthcare. OSHA’s statement on post-incident procedures and services requires institutions to investigate violent behaviors and identify the root causes of the problems (Bernandes et al., 2021). However, there are gaps in the involvement of law enforcement agencies which limits the effective management of violent acts. Having clear guidelines on the involvement of law enforcement agencies is an area that needs clarification.

The second question regarding my legislative agenda deals with the involvement of key stakeholders. What are the key stakeholders to involve during the workplace violence legislation process? Stakeholder engagement throughout the policy development process is crucial for understanding the processes involved and the representation of the interests of special groups (Dawes, 2020). These stakeholders have experience in matters of healthcare policy and can help in pushing forward legislation. Secondly, stakeholder involvement is important in influencing the involvement of other key players like payers in matters of healthcare policy (Porche, 2023). I would like to know the right people that should be involved in the process of advocating for workplace policy change.

Stakeholders represent persons, groups, or organizations that must be taken into account during policy change and implementation (Porche, 2023). In the legislative agenda of workplace violence, I would like to know the politicians and other parties that should be involved. I would also like to know the role of professional organizations in the process of policymaking and how they can influence legislation concerning workplace violence. Understanding the strategies that should be proposed and the type of stakeholders to involve will greatly influence the achievement of positive results as I continue with the legislative agenda.


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