How to write a nursing Policy Initiative

How to write a nursing Policy Initiative

Policy initiative

The nurse innovators are remodeling and improving healthcare systems to better patients’ outcomes and improve care quality. This is done by implementing initiatives to guide health policymakers and healthcare providers. The following is a successful policy initiative program implemented in this organization. “To provide affordable and culturally sensitive community and family healthcare” (Marion, Barr, Gazaway and Thomas, 2021).

Formulation and implantation of the initiative

The organization announced “new minimum quality indicators” for health institutions and healthcare providers for the initiative to be effective. The indicators included culturally appropriate care, creating a discrimination-free health care setting for all regardless of their beliefs. The organization formulated a framework that enabled nurses to advocate for cultural competency and lead novice colleagues, patients, and clients.

Registered nurses should demonstrate equality, respect, and empathy in actions and relationships with health beneficiaries. They were to advocate for policies and regulations that would favor health promotion and prevent society from harm. Registered nurses were supposed to apply knowledge of health variations and different beliefs in practice. Registered nurses were required to educate colleagues and others on cultural similarities and differences that may impact health delivery and consumption.

Nurses were supposed to adhere to the principle of culturally congruent communication; they were supposed to involve community members in the decision-making process. They were required to promote access to care by participating in policy making and ensuring they were practicing culturally congruent practices. They should determine whether health beneficiaries were satisfied with the healthcare giving process and interventions during the evaluation.

Outcomes of the initiative

The following has been noted in community and health institutions that implemented culturally congruent practices. Increase community participation in health, increase mutual understanding and respect from health consumers improve patient outcomes and quality of care.



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