How to create an Infographic on Telehealth

How to create an Infographic on Telehealth

Telehealth in health promotion and illness prevention

Telehealth has been incorporated in the rapidly advancing health sector to execute certain responsibilities effectively. In health promotion and illness prevention, telehealth has been used for health education, remote patient monitoring, and personal health apps that serve different purposes in health promotion.

Several health facilities now provide virtual appointments that facilitate communication with healthcare providers through online video conferencing. Patients receive continuous care from their healthcare providers without necessarily going for in-person visits (CDC, 2020). For example, diabetic patients can receive health information from their providers via video conferencing. Additionally, the providers can prescribe more medications, suggest home care strategies, and make better recommendations online. Noteworthy, nursing call centres use a question-and-answer method to suggest homecare strategies.

Figure 1. Video conferencing (CDC, 2020).

Telehealth can be used for monitoring various health parameters remotely, thereby contributing to health promotion and illness prevention. Patients can use web-based mobile apps to upload important health information such as blood glucose readings to their healthcare teams for proper interventions. Also, wearable devices are used to automatically record and transmit certain health parameters such as sleep patterns, heart rate, blood glucose, and posture control, among others.

Figure 2: Wearable device for monitoring heart rate (CDC, 2020).

Another effective use of telehealth in health promotion is the use of mobile health apps. These apps have a range of functions from health information storage, calculation of caloric intake, reminders for medication adherence, to recording daily physical activity. All these parameters are significant markers of one’s health and can be used by individuals to follow up on and maintain healthy living standards.

Figure 3: mHealth apps (CDC, 2020).


Centres For Disease Control And Prevention (CDC). (2020). Telehealth interventions to improve chronic diseases. Retrieved from

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