How to complete the WGU nursing FMEA Table

How to complete the WGU nursing FMEA Table

Steps in the Improvement Plan Process * Failure Mode Likelihood of Occurrence
Likelihood of Detection


Risk Priority Number


1. Complete history taking of the patient before sedation Incomplete history taking.

Failure to record medication history.

2 4 7 56
2. Doctor orders drugs for sedation of the patient. Wrong selection of sedative agent including medication dosage.

Failure to adhere to the five rights of administering medication.

3 5 8 120
3.  Monitoring of the patient  after the procedure Inadequate patient monitoring.

Failure to respond to alarms.

Delayed calling for help.

6 6 7 252
4. Assessment of the patient for full recovery Incomplete assessment,and incomplete documentation of data. 3 5 3 45
          Total RPN (sum of all RPN’s): 473

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