How to write a Quantitative And Qualitative Research essay

How to write a Quantitative And Qualitative Research essay

Difference in purpose

In research studies, quantitative research deals with numbers and statistics. It is essential in testing of confirming theories and assumptions, while qualitative research deals with meaning and words, which is critical in understanding concepts, feelings, or experiences (Eyisi, 2016).

The difference in data analysis methods

Quantitative data is always structured and can be formatted into a form that can be easily organized and searched within relational databases. It is based on numbers, similarities, or patterns that can be discovered using simple mathematics or advanced analysis in statistics. Results are always presented in charts, tables, and graphs. Several indicators can be calculated using different applications; this includes average scores, frequency of a particular response given, reliability and validity of a given result, and correlation between variables. Qualitative data is the most preferred data in research studies.

On the other hand, qualitative data is always unstructured and more challenging to analyze. It is characterized based on the properties, labels, features, and other identifiers. Qualitative data can be generated via videos, writings, pictures, and interview notes instead of numbers. Approaches for analyzing qualitative data include discourse analysis, the study of how communication works in a social setting; thematic analysis, which is the study of data to find significant themes and patterns; and qualitative content analysis, which is used to track the incidence location and meaning of words.

Examples of research questions

Examples of quantitative research questions are; how often do you conduct medical checkups annually? And how frequently do you take and record vital signs for ICU patients? Qualitative research question includes; what are the challenges facing healthcare providers working in isolation departments? And what are the health concerns experienced by street families in winter?



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