How to write a picot nursing essay on Type II Diabetes

How to write a picot nursing essay on Type II Diabetes

PICOT Question

“The role of reminder cards and telephone follow up on office visits on adherence of patient with Type II Diabetes.”

Strategies for conducting a systematic search

The goal of conducting a literature review is to find all relevant past studies done on this topic. First, I would frame the question for the literature review, which is the PICOT question. Second, I would identify databases relevant to my topic and search for the PICOT question (Boland, Cherry & Dickson, 2017). I would ensure I use keywords in the statement such as “reminder cards and telephone follow up on patients with type II diabetes.” Third, I would assess the quality of the retrieved studies using critical appraisal tools and checklists (Boland et al., 2017). Studies indicate that quality assessments of literature help evaluate the strength of inferences and recommendations for future investigations (Boland et al., 2017). Fourth, I would summarize the evidence by documenting the quality of the study, statistical methods used and noting the different results in each. Fifth, I would interpret the findings for use in my article.

Critical appraisal of the literature

To evaluate the quality and credibility of a selection of research articles, I would use a checklist or a critical appraisal tool. These studies have to meet the criteria in the appraisal tool to be considered for use in the final study article (Boland et al., 2017). Some common questions that I would answer when appraising the articles include whether participant allocation in their groups was random or not. I would also ask whether the sequence of allocation was concealed to the participants and the researchers or not. Lastly, I would find out whether any bias influenced the study conclusions.


Boland, A., Cherry, G., & Dickson, R. (Eds.). (2017). Doing a systematic review: A student’s guide.

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