How to write a nursing statistical test (Solved)

How to write a nursing statistical test (Solved)

Discussion post: Select one of the more common statistical tests used in nursing research. State which statistic you selected. What level of measurement is required for using your selected statistical test? Provide an example of how your selected statistical test could be used in a nursing research study.


I select chi square as the most used statistical test in research. It is used to test strength of association between two variables. Its purpose is to determine if difference in observed and expected data is because of chance or it relates with the variables under study (Bandalos & Finney,2018).

Level of measurement

Level of measurement refers to association between the values that are assigned to the qualities for a variable. For Chi square the level of measurement for all variables must be nominal or ordinal. In nominal level of measurement variables are described in categories with no ranking or natural order. Numbering or coding may be used but only for identification purpose, in any way numbers used don’t have relationship or they do not describe quality or nature of a variable. Nominal scale is non- numeric in nature i.e., no arithmetic computation can be done. Examples of nominal variables are gender, genotype and race color. In ordinal level of measurements variables are ranked and presented in order but the scale of variation between the variables is not highlighted, it only identifies the magnitude of variable. This includes rating of satisfaction and education level.

Application of Chi square in nursing research

While conducting nursing research, the researcher will need to test or compare the observed and expected results. This is the point where chi square test will be deployed to determine if the difference in the observed and expected data is because of chance or it relates with the variables under study. For example, “What are the internal and external effects/problems associated with children witnessing domestic violence?” ,chi square test will be used to determine how witnessing domestic violence will impact children internally and externally.



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