How to write a character analysis nursing paper (Solved)

How to write a character analysis nursing paper (Solved)

Character Analysis Paper and reason for choosing the character

The flight film is an American drama that was released in 2012 by Robert Zemeckis. John Gatins wrote the film. The producers were Jack Rapke, Steve Starkey, Laurie MacDonald, and Walter Parks. I selected the star of the movie for the character analysis. The name of the main character of the film is Denzel Washington. The stage name of the actor is William Whip Whitaker SR. The actor is an alcoholic airline pilot who somehow safely crash lands the plane after it developed a mechanical failure (Landau, 2013). Most passengers who were on board were saved. After the scenario, investigations were done following the mysterious incidents to establish the cause of the mechanical failure.  Individuals outside the investigation department saw the pilot as a hero. Some individuals were not convinced and felt there was more to answer regarding the scenario. The film is inspired by a real plain crush involving Alaska Airlines Flight 261. I selected the main character because she is suffering from a substance use disorder. The main character symbolizes how individuals can suffer from the problem of substance abuse. Substance abuse is one of the main problem affecting many individuals globally. It is interfering with their ability to maintain their relationships or perform tasks at work. The task will utilize the main character to show how individuals may suffer from substance abuse. It will also show how it may interfere with an individual’s ability to perform in their daily activities.

Character Analysis and the Plot of the Movie

The movie revolves around the main character. The main character is referred to as Captain Whip Whitaker. The real name of the actor is Denzel Washington. Denzel Washington is a director, producer, and actor (Landau, 2013). Many individuals regard her as the actor who has reconfigured the classic movie stardom concept.  She is known by many as a humble, gracious, and individual with honor.  He has earned multiple accolades in the field of music production. The New York Times ranked him as one of the best actors of the twenty-first century. He is the protagonist in the movie I selected for focus.

In the movie, Captain Whip Whitaker comes across as a very educated and skilled captain. He is known to use cocaine. In a Hotel in Orlando, the actor used cocaine to wake up after sleepless nights. In the movie, he is the head captain of South Jet flight number 227. The flight left for Atlanta.  As the flight leaves, it experiences turbulence which the head captain regards as a slight hitch.  The copilot is named Ken Evans. After several hours the copilot takes over as the pilot mixes orange juice in the vodka and takes a nap. As the flight continuous, the pilot is awakened as the flight develops a technical problem. The problem requires the actor to make a decision on whether to crash land the plane.  She is bombarded with numerous concerns about whether it will be safe to crash land the plane in their location. Whip is then forced to decide to crash land the plane in an open field. During the crash landing, the actor hits his head and loses consciousness on impact.

Various instances in the movie indicate that the main character is suffering from alcohol use disorder. Alcohol use disorder is a condition characterized by inability of an individual to control or stop the alcohol use despite the adverse health, occupational and social consequences. It also regarded to as alcoholism, alcohol abuse, alcohol addiction or alcohol dependence. Relating to the movie the main character fails to stop alcohol intake despite the consequences. Firstly, she has lost a close friend due to the impact of alcohol use. Nicole decided to stop her relationship with the main character as she felt she was becoming a bad influence. He also had a bad relationship with the son due to his drinking habits. The second consequence is that the main character is on trial for alcohol intoxication. The review board believes that he was drunk during the flight and that is what resulted into the crash landing. In the day following the trial the author was captured by journalists drunk. Surprisingly, even in the day of the trial the main actor was drunk and had passed out. It would have been difficult to convince the court that he was sober if he cannot be sober even once. The main actor even sneaks out of his room to have a drink. This shows that individuals with substance use disorder will do everything within their means to obtain the substances. Failure of using alcohol in some who have developed addiction may lead into certain withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms include those mental or physical symptoms that a person experiences after reducing or stopping the use of alcohol or other recreational substances. The signs and symptoms of withdrawal include vomiting, fatigue, seizures, loss of consciousness, change in appetite, muscle pain, irritability, runny nose and shakiness. He vowed to stay with Charlie until the hearing. He pledged to stop drinking until the hearing. The next day Whip was taken to a guarded hotel with no alcohol. He, however, raided the minibar to find a drink. He is found passed out the following day after consuming alcohol. They were able to revive him using cocaine. During the hearing, he later confirmed having been drunk during the flight. He was later charged and imprisoned.


                                                           Final Thoughts

The character in the case is suffering from substance abuse disorder. Substance use disorder uses substances such as alcohol, nicotine, or other prescription drugs (Abuse, 2020).  The actor (Whip) has various signs that indicate he is suffering from substance use disorder.  Firstly, the protagonist persistently desires to remain sober, but he is unable to. He has continuously vowed to stay sober and even informs his friends of her desire to quit drinking but does the opposite. He can only stay sober for a short time, after which he drinks till he passes out. He uses the drug during the flight despite knowing that it may impair his judgment during the flight (Seitz et al., 2018). Alcohol impairs the ability of an individual to effectively functions. The protagonist also has a strong urge to use alcohol. He cannot resist and control his craving for alcohol. Even when in a room with no alcohol, he had to raid the bar for a drink.  Finally, the other concern is that he continuous to take the alcohol despite being on trial for the same issue. Even the press finds her intoxicated. This reveals a bad picture and shows his inability to resist the urge to drink.  Surprisingly, on the night following the trial, he consumed alcohol which led to his passing out. He had to be revived using another substance for trial. At that rate, it would have been impossible for the actor to convince the panel that he was not intoxicated during the flight. During the trial, he accepted being intoxicated, which led to a jail term.

Final Statement

Substance use is the main concern for many individuals globally. The film clearly depicts how an individual is struggling with substance use disorder (Hardin, 2016). The protagonist has tried many things to stay sober, but he could not until he got help from the prison. He has suffered many social and health concerns for his drinking but still he could not stop. Alcohol affects many individuals globally. These individuals try so much to quit substance use but cannot due to the addiction and the craving they get for eat. Quitting substance use is not an easy tasks. Individuals may require several months or years of therapy to be able to successfully quit substance use. The use of psychotherapy is critical in helping individuals cope with substance use disorder. It allows individuals to identify the triggers and propose strategies to resist their caving (Krebs et al., 2018). Examples of psychotherapy that can enable individuals deal or quit substance use is the cognitive behavioral therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy enables individuals to identify patterns and habits that may trigger certain behaviors feelings and emotions. This includes thoughts that may make the patient to have a craving for substance use. After identifying the triggers the patient are allowed to work with their therapist to set strategies to eliminate the feelings, behaviors, emotions or triggers. Community and healthcare organizations should focus on helping individuals with substance abuse cope (Farber et al., 2019). This can make this individual engage meaningfully in the community.


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