How to write a positive change nursing essay

How to write a positive change nursing essay

Six Keys to Leading Positive Change


Change in healthcare is inevitable. Leaders need to show up and make themselves available (Harvard Business School, 2013). This will really mean a lot to the employees. During my clinical experience, the healthcare institution was trying to introduce a new health information technology to improve the quality of health. My nursing manager was the one leading the change in my department.  During the implementation phases she was always there. This always made a difference as we felt supported and incase of any barrier we could verbalize our thoughts. Her presence during the implementation meant a lot and it mad the multidisciplinary team to stay on course to implementing the new health information technology.

Speak up

In speaking up, a leader should use the power of the voice when guiding the employees to a change situation. In the implementation of the new health information technology the manager kept speaking up throughout the entire phases of the change process. She spoke to us all the time. The power of her voice was shaping the implementation of the new technology. She also inspired us to always share and speak up our concerns.  Through her constant engagement we were constantly reminded of our actions we could take and what we could do in case of anything.  We felt mobilized and motivated to implement the new technology due to the constant encouragement by the manager.


Involves the ability to look up to the higher principles, visions, and values of the organization. Implementation of any change model needs to be based on the overall mission vision and goals of the organization. During a scenario involving the implementation of a new health information system the leader always reminded as of the mission and the vision of the organization. The new systems aligned with the overall objective of the system. The manager constantly reminded us of the role and the aim of the new health information system. This ensured that we did not lose track. Reminding us the purpose of the change also motivated us to be engaged more in implementing the new health information system.

Team up.

Teaming up enables the successful implementation of a new measure or intervention in the healthcare setting. During the implementation of the new technology the managers used her ability to collaborate with the multidisciplinary team to improve the chances of success. The leader also mobilize other external and internal stakeholders. This included those that provide direct services to the healthcare organization and the management. The leader identifies all the important stakeholders and involved them in implementing the new technology in the healthcare organization.

Never give up

Implementing a new practice or intervention is never a smooth ride. It must pass through various barriers and objections. The implementation of the new health information technology was not an easy task. I can remember once the team members considered stopping the implementation of the new system. The manager motivated us not to give up. She encouraged us to identify the barriers and identify the solutions. She assured as implementation of anything is never an easy thing and it might heat a bump in one way or another. She encouraged us to keep navigating the barrier to successful completion of the new system.

Lift others up

It is the final step in leading successful change. The implementation of the new health information system was a success. The leader shared the success, credit and reputation with all the team members who were involved in implementing the technology.  This created an environment in which we as the team members felt that we could do it again.  Upon success everyone felt positive and elevated with the success of the team.


Harvard Business School (2013.  Six Steps of Leading Positive Change.

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