How to write a nursing essay on PICO Question Formulation

How to write a nursing essay on PICO Question Formulation

The Picot question to be formulated is on the prevention of nosocomial infections. Prevention of nosocomial infections in the healthcare setting is a priority for nurses and other healthcare practitioners. These infections result from toxins or infectious agents acquired by the patient while in the healthcare setting. Proper handwashing is one of the most cost-effective interventions aimed at preventing nosocomial infections in the healthcare setting. a PICOT question can be made to reduce the cases of nosocomial infection among patients and healthcare practitioners. Each letter in the word PICOT  has its element and its meaning. The words together make a clinical question requiring nurses to use evidence-based scientific information to test whether the proposed intervention has been proven effective(Duquesne University, 2020). The words in PICOT are patient/ population, intervention, comparison, outcome, and sometimes time. The PICOT question begins with a case scenario, and a question is formulated to elicit the answer.

The case scenario in my case is the high rate of nosocomial infection. In the PICO statement, P is the type of patient who focuses on your clinical question. I symbolizes the intervention or exposure.  It entails the nursing intervention different from the standard of care. C symbolizes comparison. It is the nursing intervention that is the standard of care. O symbolizes the outcome.  it is how one would know if the intervention worked or not. In this case, the population is geriatric patients. The intervention involves proper handwashing using soap and water. The comparison is intervention different from the standard of care. In this case, it is the use of hand sanitizers or lack of proper hand hygiene.  The outcome is reduced nosocomial infections.

PICO Question

Does proper hand washing hygiene using soap and water followed by a hand sanitizer compared to hand sanitizer alone among nurses and other healthcare workers prevent nosocomial infections among geriatric patients?


Duquesne University (2020, September 20). Formulating a Picot question. School of Nursing.

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