How to write a journal reflection for Clinical Practice Experience

How to write a journal reflection for Clinical Practice Experience

Pilot Testing Reflection

A pilot test is performed before the actual implementation of a plan to allow evaluation of the different aspects of a project ahead of time. The test provides an opportunity to implement a new process, identify weaknesses, and address them before actual implementation. During the pilot testing of this course, I was tasked with identifying the key stakeholders, resources for testing the course, and how to obtain feedback from the students. The key stakeholders for the pilot test included the ANEs, IT personnel, executive management, and nursing students. The ANEs played a crucial role in selecting volunteer students for the test. The main challenge observed was the creation of enough time for the students to learn the new course because they were involved in other classwork activities.

Pilot testing demands investment in time and resources to allow the measurement of a program or a product’s worth. Capital was required to update the LMS for the accommodation of the new learning strategies that utilized the online environment. Preparation of the students, training to use the new platform, and simulation activities required capital. The ANEs and IT team were the most crucial personnel that ensured the success of the pilot study. Based on the pilot testing procedures, the traditional classroom and online learning environment will be utilized during the actual implementation of the course.

Teaching a Live Class Reflection

The academic setting observed during the CPE was Western University with a specific focus on prelicensure nursing students. During the live teaching sessions, both the classroom and online learning platforms were utilized. I realized that the introduction of active learning strategies like discussions, and simulation-based learning engaged students more and increased their participation in learning. During the discussion of end-of-life care, the inclusion of new topics like patient-centered care during EOL, effective communication to patients/families, and ethical practices during EOL care enlightened students on end-of-life care.

Student feedback is an important tool for the improvement of teaching and learning. During the CPE, I developed five questions that students could use to assess the instructor’s performance upon completion of the course. The questions focused on the mastery of content, appropriate use of instruction techniques, utilization of different learning materials, and engagement of students during the learning process. The feedback I received from the preceptor was encouraging because all the questions seemed relevant. The preceptor advised on the inclusion of open-ended questions to allow students to express any other concerns that could improve lecture delivery in the future. I will use this feedback in future assessments by allowing students to explain their thoughts on the learning process and how I can improve their understanding on specific areas of the course.

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