How to write an essay on Nursing Theory Application

How to write an essay on Nursing Theory Application

Building an effective nurse-client relationship is crucial in fulfilling the needs of the patient.  These relationships begin during periods of disruptions, uncertainty, and unpredictability in the patients’ lives.  These periods in a patient life make the patient maladapt to their environment (Smith, 2019).  There are various domains in the patient’s life that, when disrupted, will require the formation of a therapeutic nurse-patient relationship. They include developmental, sociocultural, spiritual, sociocultural, psychological, and physiological.  When there is disruption, uncertainty, and unpredictability in these domains through various environmental stressors, the patient normally requires the nurse’s care.

In the patient system, various physiological processes sustain their life and wellbeing. Physiological processes include excretion, digestion, respiration, growth, differentiation, growth, and metabolism. Various stressors win and out of the human environment can cause disruptions in these processes (Bisht et al., 2019). Since the patient cannot survive without any of these processes, any disruption can affect the health and the wellbeing of the patient. For example, if there is a problem with respiration due to infections, the patient may not function effectively due to poor oxygenation of vital organs and tissues in the body. The nurse comes in when there is a disruption to ensure the physiological functioning of the patient is restored. To fulfill the physiological needs, the nurse needs to develop a therapeutic relationship with the patient. This relationship will enable the patient to plan and set healthcare goals before implementing them to improve the health and the wellbeing of the patient.

Similarly, uncertainty in the physical and psychological variables interfere with the health and the wellbeing of the patient.  Environmental stressors can disrupt physical and psychological wellbeing (Endo, 2017). For example, a patient who has developed progressive neurological disorders has muscle weakness. The muscle weakness will make it difficult for the patient to cope with their new status. This is where a nurse comes in. the nurse can build a working relationship with the patient to help them cope with their new status.

Application Of Newman’s Theory In A Clinical Scenario

Newman’s systems model can be applied in nursing practice. I have applied the model while caring for a patient. I applied the model while caring for a patient in a long-term care facility.  The patient was a 76-year-old Caucasian male admitted to the care facility with hypertension, diabetes, and end-stage renal failure.  The patient was depressed secondary to a recent separation due to his chronic condition.

I utilized Newman’s model to care for the patient using the three levels of prevention. In primary prevention, I assessed the patient to prevent occurrences of other diseases or injuries. The nursing. The nursing diagnosis I developed in the patient’s care includes the risk of healthcare-associated infection related to hospitalization. I implemented various interventions to prevent the patient from developing the common infectious disease. Firstly, I administered prescribed prophylactic antibiotics to manage infections. I also vaccinated the patient against the common infections to avoid the patient from developing complications when infected. I also assessed the vital signs of the patient.

In tertiary prevention, my focus was to prevent the patient from developing complications related to multiple chronic disorders. This involves the elimination of various environmental stressors to prevent them from overwhelming the patient. The aim is to ensure the patient obtains balance and the lines of defense are not disrupted.



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