How to write a psychology essay: Psychology of Adolescence

How to write a psychology essay: Psychology of Adolescence

Every individual will pass through the adolescence stage of development. Adolescence is the transitional age of emotional, physical, and cognitive development characterized by puberty and the beginning of adulthood (Murry & Lippold, 2018).  I can vividly remember when my adolescent stage started. It was when I was about nine years. During that stage, I started showing interest in the opposite gender. The relationships I developed were not that strong.

When I first started experiencing the first signs of puberty, I was very nervous.  All the girls from the same grade that I was in had not started developing the changes. I experienced various changes in my body that I felt were distressing.  My breasts had started developing and becoming pronounced.  I had also started developing hair in my pubic region.  The thing that distressed me the most was when I started developing pimples. My mother was very comforting during that time. I can remember asking her why I was the only one developing acne, yet my classmates were not. She told me that I was passing through a phase that every girl passes through in her life. I become very moody with frequent emotional outbursts. One day I woke up and looked at my face in the mirror and noticed that I had more visible pimples. I refused to go to school on that day. My mom kept persuading me, but I was afraid that my classmates would make fun of me. I was terrified of being teased and bullied by other individuals in my classroom.

My performance during the fourth grade when I first started experiencing the first signs of adolescents dwindled. My mother was very concerned. I can remember my mother decided I had to see a counselor for a therapy session. The session was very fruitful since I could appreciate that what was going on is a normal process, and every girl will undergo a similar thing. My counselor also informed my mother to talk to my class teacher to educate the other students to minimize the cases of being bullied and teased.

When I was about 13 years, I began to be more attracted to the male gender.  I had my first boyfriend when I was about ten years old, although I did not understand what it meant. When I was about 14, I fully understood what it really means to have a boyfriend.  My boyfriend was two years older than me. I was amongst the first individuals in the class to have a boyfriend. I can remember I could often laugh at the other girls in my grades for not having boyfriends. Having one was a symbol of pride.  My first kissing experience was one of the most memorable experiences.  Previously I felt that kissing is such an awkward thing to do. One night my mom was on a business trip, and my dad was on night shift, so I decided to invite my boyfriend over for a sleepover.  I had prepared popcorns and had started watching an episode of the Love Island movie. The movie was full of romantic scenes. In one instance, two individuals were displayed kissing. My boyfriend asked me whether we could try kissing. I was hesitant at first, but I gave in later.  What I can say is that I could never forget that kiss.  The boy’s lips were so soft. He applied just about the right amount of pressure on my lips. His breath felt so good.  The kiss felt so satisfying. I felt my body so relaxed, and a desire to become more intimate become even more. I resisted the feeling during that time. My first sexual experienced occurred on my eighteenth birthday. It was also a period of mixed feelings.



Murry, V. M., & Lippold, M. A. (2018). Parenting practices in diverse family structures: Examination of adolescents’ development and adjustment. Journal of Research on Adolescence28(3), 650-664.

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