How to write a personal opinion nursing essay: Sex Education

How to write a personal opinion nursing essay: Sex Education


Schools should not promote abstinence-only; however, they should provide teenagers with comprehensive sex education.  Comprehensive sex education is the best way to reduce unintended pregnancies, STIs and other complications.  The abstinence-only method teaches about abstinence from sex which is otherwise morally acceptable. However, this method does not educate the youths on condom and contraceptive use unless when emphasizing their failure rates.  According to the YouTube video posted by Business hours 24/7, parents and teachers often fear educating their children about safe sex and condoms use as they see that enriching children with such information will morally degrade them.

Lack of comprehensive health education may impact children in many ways. Zhao et al. (2017) elaborate on the impact of lack of comprehensive sex education. According to the article, many female and male students in school engage in sexual education. During the youthful stage, individuals explore their sexuality in many ways. Some may choose to engage in sexual intercourse. When such individuals are provided with a comprehensive sex education other than an abstinence-only approach, they are likely to recognize the risk they are putting themselves in.  Since most of these individuals become sexually active, they need education on proper condom and contraception use to prevent them from unintended pregnancies and several sexually transmitted diseases.

In individuals in higher grades, promoting an abstinence-only approach to education is pointless.  According to Deborah (2016), adolescence is when relationships, sexuality and identity are heightened.  Some of the men and women start experiencing various sexual desires and feelings based on their sexual orientations. Many of these individuals may choose to fulfil their desires.  The abstinence-only approach will not inform the individuals how to control or fulfil their desires. The abstinence-only prohibits any talks on sexuality and sexual intercourse. The teenagers may find it challenging.  Due to this, when an opportunity presents itself, they may choose to fulfil their desires. If they choose to do so, they should understand what the consequences of their actions are. Therefore a comprehensive sexual education is fundamental in schools.

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