Nursing field experience with a focus on community health and population

Nursing field experience with a focus on community health and population, The work you send in must be your own. Even if the source is cited correctly, no more than 30% of the submission as a whole and no more than 10% of any one source can be directly quoted or closely paraphrased. When you turn in your work, you get a report on its originality that you can use as a guide.

Nursing field experience with a focus on community health and population
You must use the rubric to guide how you make your submission, since it has detailed criteria that will be used to judge it. Each of the requirements below can be judged in more than one way. The titles of the rubric’s parts may have links to relevant parts of the course.

Part 1: Submitting a Project Based on Field Experience

Note: Your time log needs to be sent in with your grade. If you don’t hand in both at the same time, your work may be sent back to you without being graded.

Do the following to turn in a completed “Community Health Field Experience Timelog”:
Write down the date of each event.
Give a short explanation of each activity.
Include the name of the person to contact, a phone number that works, and a full address.

Note: If the person you want to get in touch with has an email address, you can choose to include it.
Nursing field experience with a focus on community health and population

Write down how many hours you spent on each activity (not including preparation time).
Explain how each activity fits in with the Field Experience topic you chose.
Write down a total of 90 hours that meet all of the following:
25 hours of simulation activities were given.
Based on the “Field Experience Activities List,” 65 students planned to do things for 65 hours.
a maximum of five hours for each interview (i.e., no more than five interviews, no more than one hour per interview)
no hours of preparation (i.e., prep time is not to be included in reported hours)

Note: You must do an addendum if your time log comes back from being evaluated. Please click on the link below to get to the DocuSign addendum. The task must be turned in with both the original time log and the addendum time log.

Note: Time log activities are sometimes checked and audited. If you break the WGU Student Code of Conduct or the Academic Authenticity Policy, you could get in trouble.

Part 2: Social Media Campaign

Note: The link to “CDCynergy” in the “Web Links” section below may help you finish your social media campaign. You don’t have to use this link, so you don’t have to.

Write your nursing statement of nursing diagnosis for community health.
Explain how the health concern in your community health nursing diagnostic statement is linked to a health inequity or health disparity in the target population.
Talk about the main community and prevention resources that are already in place to deal with the health issue.
Talk about what’s causing the health problem.
Talk about the practice in the Field Experience topic that is based on evidence.
Find information about your chosen Field Experience topic at the county, state, and/or national level.

Nursing field experience with a focus on community health and population

Make a plan for a social media campaign in community health nursing that will spread your message about health and address the Field Experience topic by doing the following:
Explain the goal of your social media campaign.
Recommend and explain two population-focused social marketing interventions that would improve the health message related to the Field Experience topic you chose.
Give an example of a social media platform you would use to communicate with the target audience.
Talk about how the social media platform you chose can help with preventive health care.
Talk about how your health message will help the people you want to reach.

Describe the best ways to use social media tools for marketing health.

Make a plan for putting a social media campaign into action by doing the following:
Describe the roles and responsibilities of the people who have a stake in the plan.
Talk about what kinds of public and private partnerships could be made to help you carry out your campaign.
Make a clear plan for how your campaign will be carried out.
Tell us how you will figure out how well the campaign worked.
Talk about how much it will cost to run your campaign.
Nursing field experience with a focus on community health and population

Think about how social media marketing helps the community health nurse make sure that people are healthier.
Think about how your social media campaign could help you as a nurse in the future.

Use in-text citations and references to give credit to sources when you quote, paraphrase, or summarize something.

Show that you can communicate professionally through the content and format of your submission.


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