Consultative Change Recommendation Nursing Paper

Consultative Change Recommendation Nursing Paper
A long time ago, it was easy to explain what a nurse did. In today’s world, the nurse’s job is complicated and takes place in many different places with a wide range of clients. Nurses often have to do more than one thing at work to handle all of their responsibilities. Nurses also manage roles that don’t give them much real power but have a lot of influence (and vice versa). Nurses with a master’s degree are now expected to lead, whether formally or informally.

Consultative Change Recommendation Nursing Paper
For this task, you will choose a healthcare organization in your area to study and write a paper with suggestions for making changes based on your analysis. You will talk to a nurse leader in the chosen organization as part of your analysis. Your paper should be between 7 and 10 pages long and written in APA style. Even though you are only sending this paper to WGU as a requirement for this course, you should write it as if you were going to present it to the organization’s executive board.

Consultative Change Recommendation Nursing Paper
To finish this test, you must carefully read and follow the “WQT2 Performance Assessment Guidelines” document that is attached.


You are a nursing consultant who has been asked to look at a healthcare organization to see if there is something that needs to be changed or improved. You will use things like HCAHPS scores, patient metrics, community needs, and comparisons to other facilities in the area as part of your analysis. After you’ve done your analysis, you’ll write a consultative change recommendation to give to the organization’s executive board.


The work you send in must be your own. Even if the source is cited correctly, no more than 30% of the submission as a whole and no more than 10% of any one source can be directly quoted or closely paraphrased. When you turn in your work, you get a report on its originality that you can use as a guide.

To pass this task, you need to be good at professional communication. Before turning in your final work, you should definitely check it for spelling and grammar.

You must use the rubric to guide how you make your submission, since it has detailed criteria that will be used to judge it. Each of the requirements below can be judged in more than one way. The titles of the rubric’s parts may have links to relevant parts of the course.

Consultative Change Recommendation Nursing Paper
Do the following to write a consultative change recommendation paper that should be 7–10 pages long:
Describe the purpose of the consultation and give a brief overview of how it will work.
Tell us about the group.
Describe the main needs of the people this organization serves.
Explain what the nurse leader does.
Find out what the organization is all about.
Based on your analysis, suggest a change to the way the organization works.
Explain how your suggested change addresses the weaknesses of the organization and the needs of the community.
Find a national performance benchmark and explain how you will measure how well your suggested change works.
Attach the “Nurse Leader Interview Verification Form” that has been filled out.
Use APA-style in-text citations and references to give credit to sources when you quote, paraphrase, or summarize something.

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