Trends in policy, politics and world wide health

Trends in policy, politics and world wide health
To pass this test, you must create and critically examine a public policy with the goal of promoting it as a means of bettering public health and/or the nursing profession worldwide (local, state, national, or international). To accomplish this goal, you will contemplate many facets of nursing policy making. Here are a few points to think about:

Why did you decide to focus on a policy issue in the health care or nursing field?

Trends in policy, politics and world wide health
How does this problem influence nursing practice, healthcare delivery, and patient and community outcomes?

How do your core beliefs and ethical stances shape your worldview?

Asking, “How will the success (outcomes) of your proposed policy change be measured?”

Trends in policy, politics and world wide health
You will assess and present the nursing perspective to policy makers and stakeholders utilizing a bottom-up and top-down strategy. You will establish standards by which your work can be judged, based on the values and ethics you’ve determined underlying your role. A policy brief for decision-makers and a strategy for collaborating with a group/community to advance policy change at the regional level will result from this effort.

Using evidence from studies conducted in the field of nursing is crucial for arriving at a reasonable conclusion. Principles of community-based participatory research should be a part of this (CBPR).

Trends in policy, politics and world wide health Requirements:

A. Get ready for your reflection paper (no more than 3 pages long) by doing the following in regards to the values and ethics of a public policy issue:

1. Evaluate a public policy issue in the health or nursing fields that affects a demographic and calls for action.

a. Elucidate your motivations for focusing on this particular public policy issue.

If you choose a local policy, keep in mind that it will likely have far-reaching effects on other divisions and departments.

b. Using two pieces of academically appropriate literature published within the previous five years, discuss the public policy issue’s relation to health or the nursing profession.

Explain how much money will be lost or gained as a result of this public policy.

Consider how your own beliefs and ideals shape your stance on the public policy issue.

Trends in policy, politics and world wide health
a. Explain the ethical theory or principle (such as autonomy, beneficence, non-maleficence, or fairness) upon which your stance rests.

Part B requires you to create a policy brief (no more than 6 pages long) addressing the public policy issue you identified in Part A. The short should:

1 Indicate the name and title of the person who will be reading the policy brief.

a. Using relevant nursing research from the past five years, argue that the decision maker should pay attention to the public policy issue.

Challenges to resolving this public policy issue should be discussed.

Third, explain the main choices and/or interventions available to the decision-maker, and the reasons why they are realistic.

4. Convince the decision maker to follow your recommended course of action by outlining how you intend to circumvent the problems you mentioned in section B2.

5. Describe the metrics you’ll use to determine if your policy brief was effective (top-down approach).

Part C requires you to accomplish the following in order to collaborate with a group or community to address the public policy issue you identified in Part A:

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