Nursing professional development plan

Nursing professional development plan

Do the following to make a professional mission statement that shows a plan for professional growth:
A. Explain how a regulatory agency, like a board of nursing (BRN), is different from a professional nursing organization (PNO) from the point of view of your nursing practice. I am in New York.

B. Give two examples of how a nursing code of ethics affects the way you do your job.

C. Talk about four professional traits from the American Nurses Association (ANA) Code of Ethics (PDF included) that you will bring to a team of healthcare workers from different fields.

D. Name a nursing theory that has changed the way you do your job (use model-role-model theory).
1. Explain how the model-role-model theory applies to your work.
professional development plan

E. Talk about how the work of one historical nurse has affected your professional nursing practice, including how it applies to the present day.

F. Describe a situation in which you, as a nurse, made sure the patient got two of the following:
• Beneficence • Nonmaleficence • Respect for self-determination • Justice

Note: Do not include confidential patient information (e.g., name, location).

G. When you use sources, make sure to use APA format for all in-text citations and references.

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