Nursing Informatics paper for a new information management system

Nursing Informatics paper for a new information management system
You’re a clinical nurse specialist at a small hospital with 100 beds that still relies on paper records even though you have a Post-Certificate Master’s in Nursing Informatics. You are in charge of a group of specialists working together in a hospital. You’ve been asked to find a way to get the hospital in line with meaningful use regulations by researching and recommending a new computerized management system.

Nursing Informatics paper for a new information management system
Mandatory Features of Your Proposed New Information Management System for Realizing the Goals of “Meaningful Use”
Include the following information when describing your project’s committee:

Choose a project committee consisting of four or more individuals from different fields of expertise, and provide their names, titles, and positions within the organization.
b. Specify what each team member’s responsibilities will be during the system’s rollout.
c. Justify the value of your team members’ contributions and why they’re essential to completing the project.

Analyze two actual computerized management systems by doing the following with them:
Compare and contrast the pros and cons of the two systems, and give your verdict (at least five for each)
b. Suggest the most appropriate system for fulfilling meaningful use criteria in this environment.
c. Explain how the suggested system’s components conform to the standards set forth by the three meaningful use phases.
d. Describe the effects of the proposed system on patient care and record-keeping.
a. Detail the ways in which the implementation of the suggested information retrieval system will improve nurse care delivery and patient outcomes.

Nursing Informatics paper for a new information management system.
Talk about the positive effects on the business of implementing the suggested system and adopting meaningful use.
a. Showcase two methods for gathering and monitoring QI data from the system to detect the occurrence of issues and mistakes.
Talk about the importance of maintaining the integrity of your data while it’s stored and backing it up regularly under point (b).
In what ways does the proposed system ensure patient confidentiality? b.
d) Describe how the proposed system complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
a. Explain how the adoption of the system would help the company save money by detailing the ways in which it will standardize documentation, cut down on waste, boost productivity, and account for human and financial resources.
Nursing Informatics paper for a new information management system

To further understand the significance of nurses’ active participation in the design, selection, and implementation of the systems to the success of the implementation process and the fulfillment of meaningful use requirements, consider the following.
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