Leadership and management experience in the field of nursing

Leadership and management experience in the field of nursing, Introduction: The Field Experience course is an important step on the way to getting your MSN. For this assessment, you will plan and create a project prospectus in which you propose a practice change, quality improvement, or new idea that is backed up by evidence and shows that you have a good understanding of all of the WGU graduate competencies.

Leadership and management experience in the field of nursing

This project is not primary research, but it should focus on scholarly evidence to support practice improvements, innovation, or general practice change. It won’t need to be approved by an Institutional Review Board (IRB). You will have to do a thorough review of the literature to figure out what evidence supports your project. The literature review is a collection of first-hand research studies that have already been done and that show how best to do things. Once your prospectus is done, you will make a professional presentation of your project prospectus, which you will then show to your stakeholder group and preceptor. You will move on to Task 2 of the Field Experience if you do well on this assessment.

Before you can start working on your proposal, you’ll need to get approval from your organization for your capstone project and a letter of agreement from your preceptor.

In Task 1, you will have to write a proposal for your capstone that describes your problem and how you plan to solve it. You won’t be able to start working on your project until it has been approved by WGU.

Leadership and management experience in the field of nursing Requirements
A. Use the attached Organizational Approval Letter Template to send a signed letter of approval from the organization where your project will be done. (I’ll do this part on my own)

B. Send in a signed copy of the Preceptor Agreement, which is attached. (I’ll do this part on my own)

C. Give a brief overview of your proposal by doing the following:
1. Figure out what’s wrong. (STEMI patients have to wait a long time to get balloon time)
2. Explain why the problem you’ve found calls for a change in practice, an improvement in quality, or a new idea.
3. Talk about what caused the problem.
4. Figure out who has an interest.
a. Talk about what each stakeholder is interested in, how much power they have, and how they can affect the project.

D. Tell people what your project is for. (Cutting the time it takes for STEMI patients to get a balloon)

E. Describe the solution you plan to use for your project.

F. Give a summary of the evidence that supports your proposed change.
1. Include at least five scholarly, peer-reviewed sources that were published within the last five years on the reference list for your evidence summary. This list should be in APA format.

Leadership and management experience in the field of nursing
G. Describe your plan for putting it into action, which includes the following:
1. What will be done
2. Timeline
3. Resources and people needed
4. Planned theory of change
5. Problems with getting things done

H. When you use sources, make sure to use APA format for all in-text citations and references.

Note: The Rubric Terms link in the Evaluation Procedures section can help you figure out what some of the terms in the rubric mean.

Note: When using sources to back up ideas and parts of an assessment, the submission MUST include in-text citations in APA format and a reference list for any direct quotes or paraphrases. It is not necessary to list the sources that were looked at if they were not quoted or paraphrased in the assessment itself.

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