Implementing Population Health and Community Nursing

Implementing Population Health and Community Nursing Data Sheet Introduction: Diseases can now spread rapidly over the globe due to people’s increased mobility. Changes in vaccination policies have also been linked to an uptick in the spread of illnesses that were previously thought to be under control. Local health authorities are facing additional challenges as a result of these global health concerns.

Implementing Population Health and Community Nursing
A recent epidemic of a worldwide communicable disease that has transcended international borders will be the focus of your investigation here. Pick an infectious disease epidemic from the list below to investigate.

• avian influenza

• measles

• respiratory syndrome coronavirus

• meningococcal disease

• tuberculosis

• malaria

A, you must conduct an analysis of the chosen infectious disease epidemic (two to three pages in length is recommended) by undertaking the following:

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Implementing Population Health and Community Nursing
First, please explain the epidemic of the contagious disease.

Secondly, investigate the causes of the epidemic as best you can.

a. Describe the vectors that spread the disease and how they spread.

b. Talk about the potential hazards.

Talk about the potential systemic effects of the outbreak on your neighborhood (i.e., how it will affect the functioning of schools, local government, businesses, hospitals).

Describe the procedure for notifying authorities in the event of an outbreak.

Implementing Population Health and Community Nursing
5. Create a strategy for communicating the outbreak’s status to influential people in your community.

Describe the measures you would take to stop an outbreak in your area (such as patient education or public awareness campaigns).

B. Use APA style for all of your citations and references within the text.
An explanation of some of the terms used in the rubric can be found at the Rubric Terms website link provided in the Evaluation Procedures section.

Implementing Population Health and Community Nursing
Please note that if you use outside sources to back up your assessment, your submission MUST include in-text citations in APA format and a reference list for any paraphrased or quoted material. Any resources used in preparation of the evaluation that are not directly cited or paraphrased in the report’s body text need not be listed. Please keep in mind that even when properly credited, no more than 30 percent of your work can consist of direct quotes or paraphrases from other sources.

covered by the APA’s style recommendations.

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This Evaluation makes use of a rubric.

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