Healthcare activities that affect health outcomes

Healthcare activities that affect health outcomes
Nursing is a profession that encompasses both hands-on care and administrative tasks that have an impact on patients’ well-being.

Nursing is an applied science that encompasses both hands-on and behind-the-scenes caregiving. To truly master the leadership skills you’re learning in your master’s in nursing program, you’ll need to put them to use in real-world settings. Your Leadership Learning Experience (LLE) can have a focus on any number of therapeutic areas, including practice, policy, population, and education. For the LLE to be successful, interaction with other participants in the environment is required.

Healthcare activities that affect health outcomes
Within your current practice environment, you will design a project to work on in order to hone your future leadership abilities. An issue in your existing practice that needs fixing will be singled out (e.g., practice, policy, population, education). In this activity, you’ll be asked to concentrate on a practical answer to the issue at hand. An appropriate topic would be one that is both relevant and tractable in the current healthcare system.

Healthcare activities that affect health outcomes
As part of the project’s completion, you’ll need to have an outside resource (such as a manager, clinical leader, clinical educator, policy expert, or population expert) verify that the chosen project is appropriate and that you’re actively involved in the setting. Having discussed your proposed solution with relevant stakeholders and/or partners, you will be expected to put it into action. As with any undertaking, you’ll want to give some thought to how your skills as a nurse as a detective, scientist, and manager of the healing environment fit into the picture.
Healthcare activities that affect health outcomes Requirements:
Information of a private, proprietary, or confidential nature should not be included. Except when given explicit permission to do so by your supervisor or manager, avoid using real names, stakeholder information, and other identifying details. Names should be made up. Also, specifics about the agency, such as its finances, should be left out in favor of more broad strokes wherever possible.
Please be aware that your submission can be in a number of different formats (e.g., report, multimedia presentation).

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