Expectations for Nursing Care in Community

Expectations for Nursing Care in Community and Population Health:
A. Choose a region for which there is published data (at the county, state, or national level) to back up the diagnosis.

Utilize the following resources to B. evaluate the community’s health requirements and potential threats: Focus groups with seniors and/or young people, epidemiological data from the health department or department of vital statistics, stakeholder or religious organization studies of community resources, and surveys are all good places to start when compiling this information.

All of the questions on the evaluation forms are optional. Both the site links and the attachments contain these instruments.

The Windshield Survey, Disaster Assessment and Planning Guide, Cultural Assessment Tool, Economic Status Assessment of the Population, and the Population Health Scavenger Hunt

First, make sense of the information by applying epidemiological and health-related frameworks (e.g., birth rate, death rate, rates of disease, morbidity).

C. Do the following (recommended length: 4-6 pages) to formulate an appropriate community diagnostic for the chosen community:
Expectations for Nursing Care in Community

One, using the Healthy People 2020 targets as a guide, determine the top three issues facing the community of choice.
a. Analyze the issues in light of the targets set by Healthy People 2020.

Step 2: Decide which of the issues you found in Section C1 you’d want to learn more about, and complete the following research.
a. Talk about local organizations (such as the Public Health Department, the American Red Cross, and the American Heart Association) that can help.
Third, using the issue you determined in C2, develop a primary preventive subject to address the issue.

Expectations for Nursing Care in Community

For help in coming up with a topic, please refer to the “Approved Topic List” attached to this message.

Choosing a Field Project Topic with an Emphasis on Prevention (and Other Approved Topics)

Please be aware that you are not allowed to record any activity related to your field project until you have enrolled in Community Health and Population-Focused Nursing Field Experience/Community Health and Population-Focused Nursing Clinical and have chosen your topic.

Can you explain what primary prevention is?
A field experience is necessary for the Community Health Nursing practicum. Primary prevention is at the heart of our effort. Disease, damage, disability, or premature death can be avoided if primary prevention measures are put into place.

How to Begin Selecting a Research Topic Issue First, think about something that could be a problem for the public’s health in your area. The questions that need to be asked are: • What is the leading cause of illness and untimely death in your area?
Expectations for Nursing Care in Community
What contentious public health issues are making headlines in your area?
To what health issues do you think your neighbors have the most concern?
Ask yourself this question: “What is leading to the most trips to the ER or hospitalizations in your area?”
Answer this question: What do you think is lowering the standard of living in your area?
Expectations for Nursing Care in Community

Alternative Field-Related-Project Subjects
Access to Medical Care, Mental Health Care, Dental Care, and Other Health Services
Preventing unintentional kid injuries, such as those caused by: – sudden unexpected infant death (SUID); – poisoning; – drowning, falls under the umbrella of “child health.”
Child safety in vehicles (using booster seats and seat belts) Preventing child abuse Promoting vaccinations
Excessive fat storage and weight gain
Prevention of overweight and obesity through improved dietary and exercise habits
Health of Women and Mothers: Lack of breastfeeding/Promotion of Breastfeeding Vaccination Outreach
Expectations for Nursing Care in Community

Healthy People 2020 and the Task Force on Community Preventive Services are two good places to start gathering information for your paper’s topic.

D. Employ APA formatting for your bibliography and in-text citations.

Please note that APA formatted in-text citations and a reference list for any direct quotes or paraphrasing MUST be included in the submission when using sources to support concepts and aspects in an assessment. If you haven’t directly cited or paraphrased from a source in the body of your evaluation, you don’t need to cite it.

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