Clinical nurse specialist recommending a new computerized management system

Clinical nurse specialist recommending a new computerized management system for a hospital Scenario:You have a Post-Nursing Master’s Informatics Certificate and work as a clinical nurse specialist in a 100-bed community hospital that still uses paper documentation. You are in charge of a team of hospital professionals from different fields. You have been asked to look into and suggest a new computerized management system for the hospital that will make it comply with the Meaningful Use Act.

Clinical nurse specialist recommending a new computerized management system


A. Write up a plan for a new information management system that will help with “meaningful use.”

1. Write the following about your project committee:
a. Choose at least four people from different fields to be on the project committee. Include each person’s title and position in the organization.
b. Explain what each team member will do to help put the system in place.
c. Explain why each team member’s skills are important for this project to succeed.

2. Pick two real computerized management systems in the real world and do the following to analyze them:

a. Give a brief summary of the pros and cons of each system.
b. Suggest which system is best in this setting to meet the meaningful use requirements.
c. Explain how the recommended system’s features meet the rules laid out in the three stages of meaningful use.
d. Explain how the recommended system will affect how patients are cared for and how records are kept.
e. Explain how using the suggested system to get information will affect the quality of nursing care, how it is given, and how well the patient does.

Clinical nurse specialist recommending a new computerized management system
3. Talk about how the organization will benefit from the proposed system and the use of meaningful use by doing the following:
a. Give two examples of how quality improvement (QI) data from the system can be gathered and kept track of to find problems and mistakes.
b. Talk about security standards and methods, like how important it is to store data correctly and how to back up and restore data.
c. Explain how the system you suggested will protect the privacy of patients.
d. Explain how the system you’re suggesting meets the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
e. Explain how the organization will save money by using the system, such as by standardizing documentation, cutting down on waste, increasing productivity, and taking into account both human and financial resources.

4. Explain why it’s important for nurses to be involved in the planning, choosing, and putting in place of the systems in order for the process to go well and to meet the meaningful use requirements.

B. Summarize a plan for putting the new information management system into place in a multi-media presentation (such as PowerPoint or Keynote; Prezi will not be accepted) for the executive leadership team.
1. In your presentation, talk about the following:
a. Answer each of the following questions about how the hospital staff will be trained to use the new system:

Clinical nurse specialist recommending a new computerized management system
Who will teach the workers?
What will the training consist of?
How often and when will training sessions happen?
Where will the training take place?
b. Talk about a plan for implementation, such as the date of launch, the initial rollout, changes to workloads, and/or user support on-site.
c. Talk about a plan for when the system fails.

Note: Add presenter notes to slides as needed to explain, analyze, and talk about everything that needs to be talked about.

C. When you use sources, make sure to use APA format for all in-text citations and references.

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