PICO(T) Evidence Review 2

PICO(T) Evidence Review 2

University of Maryland School of Nursing

NRSG 790: Methods of Research and Evidence Based Practice

PICO(T) Evidence Review 2: Review and Synthesis Guidelines and Grading Rubric

The purpose of this assignment is to build upon the skills and processes learned in PICO(T) Evidence Review 1. In that assignment, students identified a practice issue, retrieved relevant body of evidence, and initiated a critical appraisal of the body of evidence (5-7 studies). In this assignment, students will further critically analyze and synthesize the evidence, focused on validity and threats, and determine recommendations for the improvement of nursing practice.


For this assignment, students will use the same PICO(T) question and evidence from PICO(T) Evidence Review 1. Students are required to make revision to the background, PICOT, and/or body of evidence, if needed, based on faculty feedback. Revisions to the PICOT 1 assignment are not assigned a grade on the PICOT 2 rubric, but are required for grading.


Students will review the body of evidence further for strengths and weaknesses, synthesize the evidence, describe gaps, and provide a practice recommendation for a specific setting and population based on the analysis of the reviewed studies. Students are advised to organize the PICOT 2 paper according to the following sections of the grading rubric:


· Section 1 – Practice Problem, PICO(T), Evidence – revise Evidence Review 1 as needed. Include the background and PICOT question from PICOT 1.

· Section 2 – Narrative Evidence Review – utilize faculty, critique assignment, and Modules 4-9 to describe the evidence, identify strengths and weaknesses, and construct a table

· Section 3 – Evidence Synthesis – utilize faculty and Module 10 to examine consistency within the evidence and construct a summary rating table

· Section 4 – Gaps -utilize faculty and Module 10 to identify evidence gaps

· Section 5  Recommendation – utilize faculty, Discussion Board 4, and Modules 11-15 to discuss practice recommendations and evidence translation

· Utilize the Writing Center as needed. See sample paper and table templates in the Evidence Review Assignment folder under the Assignments/Assessment tab on Blackboard











PICO(T) Evidence Review 2 Grading Rubric

Submission Requirements (submissions that fail to meet requirements will be returned)

· Submitted on Blackboard, through SafeAssign, under Assignment/Assessment menu link

· Completed in Word format, 8 – 10 pages in length excluding title page, references, and Appendices

· Evidence Review 1 revised based on faculty feedback


Section Content Potential Points Points

Practice Problem, PICO(T), Evidence


Practice problem is described and PICO(T) question included from Evidence Review 1 assignment (revised as needed in accordance with faculty feedback). PRISMA and Evidence Review Table revised as needed, and included as appendices.  



Narrative Evidence Review Accurately summarized the purpose, design, sample, setting, results and quality of each study in the review. Included a Strengths and Weaknesses Table, identifying internal/external validity threats for each study, and assigned quality ratings. 12  
Evidence Synthesis Described what is known about the topic through a synthesis of all studies. Similarities and differences in study designs, quality, and consistency of findings are discussed. A Summary Evidence Rating Table is included.  


Gaps in Knowledge Identified what is not known as a result of the evidence synthesis. Inconsistencies in study populations, interventions, comparison, and outcomes were discussed as gaps in the evidence. Made recommendations for future research to address identified gaps. 4  
Recommendation for Practice Discussed considerations when deciding to apply or not apply the evidence to practice (practice context, patient preferences, strength of the evidence). Identified potential barriers to implementation of the evidence (feasibility, ethical concerns, resources, risk/benefit to patient/organization). Made a recommendation for practice (with USPSTF rating) for a specific population/setting based on the evidence. 5  
Format Appropriate use of APA format, included a title page, references, and Appendices. Correct grammar, syntax, punctuation. 8 – 10 page limit, excluding title page, references, and tables;

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