King’s Conceptual System Theory

Assignment: This week, you’ll be putting the finishing touches on an APA-style paper that includes a title page, section headings, and a works cited page.
A discussion and explanation of King’s conceptual system theory.
Introduce the three systems and give some instances of each.
To what extent do these systems affect success in achieving set objectives?

King’s Conceptual System Theory
To what extent might King’s theory be useful in identifying a specific issue with clinical quality?
Consider how this idea could inform a quality improvement project for your healthcare practice.
How might a quality assurance group use King’s theory of conceptual systems to coordinate its efforts?
How might other theories presented in our readings that pertain to nursing assist in the pursuit of higher quality of care delivery?

It is expected that the student will use at least two sources in addition to the textbook when writing this paper. The word count for this assignment is between 1250 and 1500 words.

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