Key Events And Individuals Influencing The Development Of Scientific Nursing Knowledge

Key Events And Individuals Influencing The Development Of Scientific Nursing Knowledge
1-Create a 1,100-word timeline in which you to describe key events and individuals influencing the development of scientific nursing knowledge in chronological order. Your timeline should integrate both theory and research development within the same time frame.
-Utilize the Timeline of Scientific Knowledge in Nursing Writing Guide to complete your assignment.
– Resources: Theoretical Basis for Nursing, Ch. 1–2; Nursing Research, Ch. 1
-Provide references for all sources cited and format according to APA guidelines.

Key Events And Individuals Influencing The Development Of Scientific Nursing Knowledge

Read: (Please the word timeline needs to be APA formatting. The writing needs to be at a master level. Needs to be free of  Plagiarism . I will upload the three chapters as resource for the paper. Read the chapters and all the information for the writing  must be obtained from chapters from the book i upload. if any question feel free to let me know. thanks. )

Title: Same as on cover page

<Begin introduction here. For this assignment, it will a short introduction of the timeline, defining the subject of the timeline as well as its scope.>

Prior to l950

<Florence Nightingale is considered to be the first nursing theorist and researcher for modern nursing. Any historical events such as changes in nursing education and reports from committees, such as the Goldmark and Brown reports, growth of professional organizations, and journals, can be included in this section. You will find that there is more happening in these years for research than for theory.>

Decade of the l950s

Decade of the l960s

Decade of the l970s

Decade of the l980s

1990 and Beyond


Note: You do not have to use these headings. You can collapse some of the decades if you want or come up with headings that represent topics instead of time. However, this is a timeline so the expectation is that you will present information in chronological order.

One way to organize this paper is to write one paragraph under each decade that describes what is happening in theory development and a second paragraph that describes what is happening in research. Logical order helps you to write and the reader to interpret your writing. If you choose to present information on theory and research separately within each decade, always keep to the same order. If theory is presented first for the first section, then present theory first in all others. If you integrate both together, do this for all. In APA, this is referred to as parallel construction. It enhances organization and readability.

Two other APA criteria are clarity and precision. Be precise in your choice of words; use the same word when you mean the same thing. Avoid ambiguity. Your writing should be clear, not ambiguous. Do not use a thesaurus. This is a useful tool for English literature, not for writing in the social sciences. Learn the terminology for theory and research and use it freely. It is not plagiarism to use specialized terminology.


<References to works cited will go here.>

Note that the heading for the reference list is NOT bold. If there is only one reference, then write Reference. For this assignment, you should have two references: your two textbooks. A page break is inserted after the word Conclusion. This ensures that references will remain on their own page, i.e., reference page. When constructing a paper, use the insert command in toolbar for Word, then click on page break. Then as you add information to the paper, the reference page will always start at the top of the next page following any text.

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