Analysis of a Real-Life Death and Dying Situation

Analysis of a Real-Life Death and Dying Situation
When you work in the medical field, you’re bound to meet people of different faiths. Therefore, it is important to learn about and respect a wide variety of religious practices.
The goal of this article is to do a two-religious or two-worldview comparative ethical study of George’s circumstance and conclusion, focusing on Christianity and another faith of your choosing.

Analysis of a Real-Life Death and Dying Situation

Select a faith that you know little to nothing about as your second option. Sikh, Baha’i, Buddhist, Shinto, and other faiths are only a few examples.
Study of a Real-World Dying and Death Experience
Complete the worldview questions for both Christianity and your chosen faith in your comparative analysis.
After outlining the worldviews of each religion, you can begin an ethical examination from each of those traditions’ points of view.

You are to present an ethical analysis based on the various worldviews in a minimum of 2,000 words, bolstering significant themes with insights gleaned from your study, and responding to the following questions in light of your findings.

Analysis of a Real-Life Death and Dying Situation
What many ways would George’s religious followers explain his illness and pain? Is there a purpose behind his illness and pain? (Is there more to George’s illness than just bodily distress?)
How may George’s religious beliefs affect his assessment of the worth of his life, both as a person and as a person living with ALS?

How might George’s religious community weigh in on the question of whether or not he should choose euthanasia?
What courses of action would be ethically acceptable for George according to each faith, given the foregoing, and why?
Finish up by presenting and defending your own point of view.

In support of your argument, please cite relevant sections from relevant course materials, the Bible, and relevant religious texts. One primary source from each major world religion is required.
Analysis of a Real-Life Death and Dying Situation

The above requirements state that a total of six references must be provided. Integrate your findings into your paper in a professional and academic way.

In order to earn a passing grade on this project, you must follow the recommendations outlined in the APA Style Guide.


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